Man who slapped me doesn't represent Muslim community: Gauhar Khan

Actor Gauhar Khan at her press conference on Tuesday. - AFP

"I assure you all that I am hurt but not out. I am shocked, but more determined. I felt injured, but stronger than ever," said Indian television personality and actor Gauhar Khan, who was recently slapped by an audience member while hosting a television show, in a statement she made to the press on Tuesday evening.

"This loser doesn't represent my beautiful faith which in itself means peace and submission," Khan said, adding that the attacker was not a representative of the Muslim community.

Khan, who was left shaken after the incident, remained composed while reading out her statement on the act. Although she teared up once, she reinstated and remained composed for the most part:

The Bigg Boss winner spoke to Mumbai Mirror after her press conference, sharing her thoughts about the incident.

"I may have set an example to a few people as a woman with a mind of my own, but I have never promoted any kind of dress code. I wouldn't wear a party dress to a prayer meeting or anything revealing on a college campus. But if it's a social do or if I'm on a set, I can dress differently, can't I? Unless it harms anyone, one should adopt a live and let live attitude and not try to dictate terms."

Even though she thanked supportive fans via Twitter, the distraught host also admitted: "But today, I have to confess, that I'd be afraid, even of genuine fans. And that's sad."

She took this opportunity to address the issue on education.

"Education is important. Teachers should impress upon young boys to be gentle with women and not treat them as inanimate props. If something like this could happen to a celebrity, I shudder to think how unsafe women on the streets are."

Gauhar Khan moments after the attacker struck her. – Photo credit: India Times

Khan was slapped by a 24-year-old man named Aqil Malik who said she wore immodest outfits "despite being a Muslim woman" at the finale shoot of India's Raw Star, a musical reality show, on Sunday evening.

Although the presenter was traumatised and shocked, she returned to the stage an hour later to continue shooting.

Read: 'Bigg Boss' famed Gauhar Khan slapped during TV show  Gauhar Khan moments after the attacker struck her. – Photo credit: India Times

According to, a police officer soon after stated: "Malik told the actress that he was against her wearing short clothes before slapping her. He touched her inappropriately as well. Following this, guards deployed at the show intervened and stopped him. He was immediately handed over to the police. We took him in custody and have sent him for medical examination. He will be arrested soon."

Aside from being a model, Gauhar Khan has established a name for herself in the industry by acting, hosting television shows and doing item songs.

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