Days of terrorists are numbered, says PM

Screengrab showing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif addressing the nation.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his address to the nation after midnight said the days of terrorists were numbered in Pakistan and they would be dealt with an iron hand.

In his televised speech, the prime minister said the terrorist attack on Army Public School in Peshawar has changed Pakistan.

“The Peshawar atrocity has changed Pakistan, we need to eradicate the mindset of terrorism to defeat extremism and sectarianism," he said.

“This horrendous attack has shaken the nation…the terrorists struck the future of this country when they murdered those children,” the PM said, adding, "A strong action is needed to root out the menace of extremism from society."

PM Sharif explained that political parties had reached a consensus on setting up military manned ‘special tribunals’ to deal with terrorism related cases.

He said that the courts will be set-up for a term of two years.

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The PM explained other points in the national action plan including the raising of an anti-terrorism task force.

He also stressed on the decision to put a complete blackout of militant groups on media, along with placing strict measures to prevent terrorists from using the internet and social media to spread their propaganda.

Other measures include making Necta functional, regularisation of madrassas, repatriation of Afghan refugees and cutting finances of terrorist groups.

He stressed that Pakistan will not allow its soil to be used for attacks on its neighbours and it expects the same from others in the region.

The prime minister said banned outfits will not be allowed to operate under 'new' names and no armed militia will be allowed to form in Pakistan.

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