Aamir Khan demands swift action in rape cases

Actor Aamir Khan. - Photo courtesy: Times of India

Bollywood megastar Aamir Khan, has expressed immense despair regarding the alleged rape of a young woman in Delhi by a cab driver.

Talking at a recent press conference, the actor said: "What happened in Delhi, it's extremely unfortunate and really sad."

The PK star favoured "strict and certain" convictions for rapists in order to reduce the number of sexual assaults in India.

"My take on this is that one of the most important things that we need, if we want the incidents of rape to come down, is a very high rate of conviction. Right now, the rate of conviction is so low. The process of justice is so long. And, the dice is loaded against the women."

Khan also spoke about the issue of rape on his show, Satyamev Jayate, and proposed that there should be fast courts where women and children can go to seek justice.

"When conviction is certain and swift, I know I cannot get away, it will not be after 20 years, it will be after two months. Then things will change," the actor said and added: "One of the big things we need to do is, conviction should be certain and swift. At the same time, we have to work on the mindset of the people."

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